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February 22 2012


February 20 2012

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May 13 2011


December 07 2010

August 09 2010


June 30 2010


June 25 2010

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YouTube - JavaZone Trailer: Java 4-ever

May 18 2010

Last month McAfee posted a virus definition update that flagged SVCHOST.EXE as a virus. This is my story of what happened.
Windows needs svchost.exe to live. It’s like removing the transmission or engine of a car. Without it, each of those workstations, at best, had no networking capabilities or, even worse, were unable to boot entirely. You need svchost.exe, otherwise you are not going anywhere. On Wednesday morning, our help desk started logging a high volume of calls in which our drive-through computer was rebooting and not loading back into Windows XP properly.

From: How Linux Saved A Fast Food Giant

As long as this is the state-of-the-art in our profession, we shouldn't have to worry too much about finding a job...

May 14 2010

Aside from the dumbness of the thing, though, what strikes me about this is the delusion — all too common in America, especially though not only on the right — that everything is about us, springing from a misconception of just how super a superpower we really are.
It’s Not About You - Paul Krugman Blog - NYTimes.com

May 13 2010


May 07 2010

A possible culprit for the drop was a trader error in which someone entered a "b" for billion instead of an "m" for million in a trade.
Stocks Plunge as Investors Fear Spread of Greece Crisis - CNBC

May 05 2010


May 04 2010

[Der Chattext] war das bloße Ausatmen einer zufällig anwesenden Provokations-Maschine, deren Ausstoß sich automatisch auf das herunterfiltert, was in einer gegebenen Atmosphäre als Angriff empfunden wird. Erst das Empfinden derer, die sich betroffen fühlen, verleiht ihm die Qualität des Angriffs. Sind also die Betroffenen gleichzeitig die Verantwortlichen?
Die Ressource Ignoranz — CARTA

April 22 2010

The compiler purses its lips.“An exception? Hmmm... let's see.... Yes, I think we can do that... I have the form over here... Yes, here it is. Now I need you to list all the exceptions you expect to raise here. Oh, wait, you have other classes? We'll have to file an amendment to them. Just put the type signature here, here, ... yes, copy that list of exceptions....
Abstract Heresies: Whenever I write code in Java....

March 30 2010


March 23 2010


February 15 2010

Da Daten anders als Autos oder Handys keine Sachen sind, kann man sie nicht stehlen. Und wo es keine gestohlene Ware gibt, da gibt es auch keine Hehlerei.
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Bayrische Justizministerin Beate Merk (CSU)
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February 12 2010

Sausage fingers
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February 10 2010

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